All about synthetic cannabinoids

Speaking of acute agitation, I was thinking about the last few times I’ve sedated patients to enable their safe management to hospital, and at least a few of those cases involved the patient having consumed synthetic cannabinoids (by one name or another).

It’s a happy coincidence that the team at ALiEM have just posted this great backgrounder;

I did know that there were literally hundreds of analogues out there, but I didn’t realise that the main reason that their effects are so variable (read unpredictable) is that the distribution medium (the plant matter) contains a random amount of the active compound.

It’s an (un)lucky dip – and I haven’t heard of anyone who sells this stuff accepting returns..


New year celebrations

I’m working on an event car tonight (yes, I know) and it occurred to me that there are likely a number of people presenting at hospital over the next 24 hours that might not really need to be there.

Here’s a great (albeit older) article from the folk at Guy’s & St Thomas’  via PubMed that discusses their revised recommendations for revellers who appear to be unwell, but in context, might not need to present at the local emergency department.

Something to think about.


My best wishes for your year ahead.