About FOAM links

Q: What’s FOAM ?

A: Free Open Access Meducation.

Q: What links ?

A: Over several years, I’ve used combinations of Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, occasionally Facebook, printed articles left on the dashboard of ambulances, and even little yellow sticky notes to share information with my colleagues

During annual leave in July 2014, I started using Buffer to distribute links that I found interesting each week to my networks on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Now, 15 months later (October 2015), I’ve migrated all of that content here to FOAM­links so it can be better organised, is searchable and you can add your own thoughts to my super-brief commentaries.

I hope you find these links useful – I think pre-hospital medicine is evolving at a pace like Information Technology did in the early 1990’s.. Wonderful stuff.


(Paramedic Educator / Melbourne, Australia)